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Default Hookah-Shisha hookahs

So today i got a surprise early delivery from H-S.

I got a glyph. I asked for a one hose, they gave me one hose port and 2 purge valves. I was filming a review and gave it a 6.5 review. But then I was on stickam and thought to switch one of the purge valves with the hose valve....holy crap they screwed the hose valve on the wrong one! Its a really really easy draw. And with 2 purge valves, it purges like instantly. you just have to remove the ball bearing under the hose port (its used as a smoke saver if you will, but makes no sense on a single hose)

The video will be out soon. Its a very nice hookah. Beautiful stem. A very heavy 30". And the default hose smokes well but i got a velvet covered namoor large to go with it.

I was wondering if anyone else got a one hose glyph with three ports? When i had an engineer from H-S a few years back, it was a single with only one port. I don't mind the extra one, but I'm curious if there are glyphs with one hose port and one purge valve and thats it.

(seriously smokes as well as the nour and km in my collection right now, and dont tell me I have too many hookahs, I just sold the Mya today.)

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