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Default Re: Are my hoses washable?

Most hoses which are labled washable are washable, and those not labled washable are also washable. Once . Then you chuck it out since most have the wire inside. IF you want to invest in a "Truely washable" hose make sure its genuine and write in your order that you want a washable hose or money back. What you could do also is take the mouthpiece off and the connector end, go to a hardware store and fit them to a length od PVC hose. The hose diameter should be smaller. At home heat both ends in very hot water and stick em in.I've made a few. You can decorate it with some sewn cloth. Or buy a ready made for hookah PVC 2 coloured hose. I use them only since they clean out in warm water and are dry in seconds. 2 or 2 companies sell them.Look in search for "plastic hookah hose".
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