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Default Re: Syrian or Lebanesse?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
This post is stupid, the only reason Lebanon exists is because of Sykes-Picot, the cultures and dialect and food are basically the exact same.

What I'm saying is, if its Lebanese, its Syrian, if its Syrian, its Lebanese.

You can make it easy on yourself, give up and trying to find which side of the mountains it came from and just call it a Levantine Hookah.
Ya! Its from Jezzine at the base of Jabel Safi! "Greater Syria" (Palestine,Lebanon,Syria and North Jordan) was split up by the "Allied forces" who won World War 1 and took that part of the Middle East from Turkish domination.Look at a map of the Middle-East, most countries have 100% straight borders which the English& French drew.If you call it "hookah" its egyptian style. "Narghile" "Nargeelah" is Syrian style hookah.
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