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Default Re: Why so expensive?

Originally Posted by rosc2112 View Post
Figured I'd post a new thread about this, I asked it in a different thread where it'll just get buried.

If shisha tobacco is only 30% tobacco, why is it so expensive?

I can understand importing adds to the cost. But....It still seems really high, considering it's mostly sugar (molasses).. Honey is a bit more expensive, but... The domestic (USA) brands, well obviously they're just taking advantage of a new market and charging as high a price as the market will bear. High price of new fashion?

Now that shisha tobacco is really becoming popular, we as consumers need to drive the prices down
Molasses is more expensive than sugar by far.As whole wheat bread after its been processed.Logically they would be cheaper, but not.Did you think that the factory workers in Jordan have to eat ?No 4 wheel drive jeeps for the!How about marketing?Advertising?Overhead, paying rent for warehouses, bank loans?BUT, of course you are right, there is no "Secretary of Shisha" in Washington D.C. or a lobby for shisha smokers so the companies want a profitt, and many put much back into developing a better product which is why the standard of shisha gets better by the year.There are companies like "Romman" and "Al-Fakher" which hike the price up to "show" what a good product they have.
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