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Default Re: found some weird nakhla, help?

I almost fainted!We in Israel get mainly Nakhla or Al-Waha everywhere in local stores. I'm wild for Nakhla. I smoke Zaghloul non-flavoured Nakhla often and having gone to Nakhla's website to drool and pant, since the Kass and the other 4 types of non-flavoured don't make it here either.Everywhere you can buy cigarettes they sell Nakhla, and cheap.I know it would sell here big since 60% of our citizens are first,second or third generations from Morocco,Tunisia,Algeria,Egypt,Libya,Iran,Iraq ,Syria,Ethiopia,Khazakstahm.Afganistahn,Kurdistahn ,Bulgaria,Yemen, etc.Which is probably where Nakhla ships theirs. Zaghloul is dry and has a pungent smell which might seem like its gone bad, but the taste is superb.You need to smoke it once or twice to try and then ....
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