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Default Re: Huka Girls ORLY?!!

The bar site is and they do talk about the "restaurant quality food" and they serve everything "from sushi to Pizza" whatever that means. Aimee one of the chicks on there the one who had her birthday there apparently runs the VIP rooms or at least the reservations. Mostly they have Reggae but they do have "house music" nights. Seems mostly reggae and rock. As to the pictures of the girls those are professional photos which they spent a lot of money on if you look at the girls profiles they are pretty but not so much like the pro pics. Apparently they dress scantily quite a bit but not always. I suspect you will see them mostly in the VIP rooms not in the walk in room. Though two of the bar tenders are chicks.

But yeah you wouldn't expect the Huka girls page to say anything about the hookahs or the food because the entire site is about the girls that work there. The bar profile talks more about that but is still pretty loaded with the shots of the chicks. Probably they had a photographer friend and did up a bunch of pics probably for promotions maybe a calender or something. A few of the girls seem to work there but there seem to be a bunch that are kind of like the bud light girls or whatever that just go and tour all the sporting events. There seem to be other locations as well. There is one in California I believe at least.
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