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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

I don't think that setting up Tangiers is any big deal. I just acclimate it for a few hour the first time I open the bag and then I "fluff pack it into a funnel or vortex. That is it. It's easy. I don't think it's a particularly strong product but then I smoke tombac and plain DM all the time I may be calibrated differently the most.

Anyway, the taste is unique in that the tobacco and fruit flavours are a bit different then anything else on the market. Personally I think it's pretty good as an alternative to what I normally smoke. The fruit flavours are pretty realistic and the tobacco better then most of whats on the market. The cut is great and it's not too wet. I don't really see anything to complain about.

Is it the best thing i've smoked? Not by a long shot. Is it better then the vast majority of what is on the market? Certainly. The price is very good and so I find it a very good product.
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