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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

im doing just fine and yourself?? yea everythings been cool and yea i mostly smoke hookah to chill with my girl and my friends and enjoy the nice flavors but sometimes it is fun to try to get alot of smoke and do tricks and such i went to a hookah bar tonight with a bunch of friends it was pretty chill lots of people like to do it down here in va i mean shit it was packed as hell and it was only a thursday night hahahaha... but yea im glad i found a forum with mature people who want to help you out.. and of course i will be back with more questions im sure and im really motivated to buy a full sized hookah sometime soon i was thinkin about a mya or something i heard those are pretty good.. im open to any suggestions.

I've got to say that you should stay away from Mya. In part it's because i've had a lot of bad experiences with that brand but numerous friends have been burned as well. Frankly I hate communism and slavery so you should be warned that every time you buy something from the PRC you are supporting those institutions. Mya stuff has cheesy glass/pyrex, crooked down stems, poor quality metal/welds and often don't give a good smoke.

Read the thread here "Hookah diversity as a deciding factor...." where I have a pretty detailed post about how to pick a narghile.

Stick with a well made Egyptian like Magdy Zidan or Khalil Mamoun or simply go with best and get finely built Syrian from J & R, H-S or SS. I've got a review of a Syrian I own on this site so take a look.
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