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Default Re: Hookah and Drive?

Originally Posted by FateFight
This holiday season I'm driving between three different houses to keep everyone happy. The problem is I won't have any time to hookah!!!! Good news is I drive half the time because no one lives even slightly close to another.
So here's the question-
How hard is it to install a hookah into my car?
How hard is it to drive without disaster?
It's legal to drive like that but what can I do to prevent the police from thinking I'm doing drugs?
Has anyone tried it before and is it nice? a distraction? dangerous?

Please write back with you suggestions!!!
Read what Lake Monster said and I hope you'll understand that narghiles and driving don't mix. It's dangerous and honestly I wouldn't want to be on the same stretch of road with with someone smoking and driving. Seriously, don't do it.
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