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Default Re: Smoking in Turkmenistan

ShishaBubly, do you speak Yiddish? It looks like i'll need someone that is fluent for a constultancy gig.

Anyway, you are right about Kurkmenistan being huge. In fact, it's so big that I don't think I got much of a feel for the country at all. Living in the Baltics i've come to appricaite just how complicated the local ethnoghraphy really is. In a country as big as Turkmenistan things muct be very complicated in deed!

What I find fasinating is how Islam is so totally different in Turkmenistan then what i've come to think of it as. The huge amount of what I presume are are pre-Islamic beleifs and a Catholic style Cult of Saints are extremely interesting to me. I would guess that excentrities I've noted are a bit like the vestages of European Paganism in Christiandom with it's hold outs from Nordic & Germanic culture (numerous elements of Christmas and Easter) and Mithraism ( Baptism and a vew other other bits) ren intrpreted for local consumption.

In my little corner of Europa we have a religion called Romuva which is the indiginiousHeathen faith and some folks here have mixed it Christianity producing a religion that is, from my perspective, exotic and hard to grasp.
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