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Default Re: Why so expensive?

First of all i'd be surprised if any shisha other then Epic/Zona is only 30% tobacco. I'd guess that most moassels on the market are 50 -66% tobacco. In any case, you've got to build a plant and develop flavourings, buy tobcco (which is expensive), molasses or honey (both of which are expensive), glycerine and then actually make and package everything which is very expensive. I personally don't have any trouble paying what Americans pay for moassel as I think the prices are generally reasonable.

In Europa the taxes on any tobacco product are totally insane which is why I don't buy anything here. When I buy tobacco when traveling I don't care if the local prices are 10th of what they are in the states I always give the vendor a good deal more then what he asks for because I like to give what I think is a fair price.

With all that said, I think that a lot of more expensive brands are that way due to packing and the knoweldge that college kids are basically insensive to prices. It seems like simple price gouging that SB/Fantasia/Potion/Fusion etc. are literally several times the cost of truely great products like Desi Merli and Salloum.
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