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Default Re: found some weird nakhla, help?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
will i had gotten glycerine and some black strap molasses in and mixed it up and it smoked better. still didnt have to move the coal around much and did not really get a buzz from it (but to put it in perspective i smoke tangiers for over 2 hours the other night and only got a buzz for 5 mins at the start when i was getting it going). it was alright, interesting, i do want to try more of the unflavored tobaccos after trying this.

it still is not something i would want to smoke a lot but its nice to have once in a while

Black moassels are best when gently smoked like an Onyx cigar or a Western pipe. I've found it's best to linger and and wait at least 30 seconds between draws. If you smoke this sort of thing like you would Fantasia or something similar you'll miss out on all the flavours.

If you want try naturally flavoured moassels get Hookah-Hookah's cavendish (no, it doesn't taste like cavendish but it's very good anyway) or Salloum Plain. Cleopatra also makes a plain that is easy to get but I haven't tried it yet. The best naturally flavoured product you can buy in the states is Desi Merli but be warned it is strong. You will likely want to start out by mixing it 50/50 with H-H's cavendish or Honey made by H-H or AW. Once you've gotten the hang of it try smokin it straight. I've an article floting around here on how to smoke DM. Check it out.
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