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Default Re: found some weird nakhla, help?

Originally Posted by ShishaBubbly View Post
I almost fainted!We in Israel get mainly Nakhla or Al-Waha everywhere in local stores. I'm wild for Nakhla. I smoke Zaghloul non-flavoured Nakhla often and having gone to Nakhla's website to drool and pant, since the Kass and the other 4 types of non-flavoured don't make it here either.Everywhere you can buy cigarettes they sell Nakhla, and cheap.I know it would sell here big since 60% of our citizens are first,second or third generations from Morocco,Tunisia,Algeria,Egypt,Libya,Iran,Iraq ,Syria,Ethiopia,Khazakstahm.Afganistahn,Kurdistahn ,Bulgaria,Yemen, etc.Which is probably where Nakhla ships theirs. Zaghloul is dry and has a pungent smell which might seem like its gone bad, but the taste is superb.You need to smoke it once or twice to try and then ....
What i've found is that most narghile fans (save the kids in big cities) no matter the country (outside of the West) smoke tombac or black moassels exclusively. Personally, I've found the more traditional stuff more full flavoured and intersting.
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