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Originally Posted by ShishaBubbly View Post
If I don't eat a tiny,tiny bit, and smoke a few bowls of Nakhla I see a bit double! Rare tho. I had "Afzal" from India by the makers of HERBAL Soex brand and was almost flying. I saw everything double for 45 minutes.You may well ask, why is Afzal so strong? Well obviously its unwashed.Secondly,they probably have guilt feelings about putting out a herbal brand of " " and try to make up for it!
Hmm, I've been a big fan of a few Afzal products and i've never thought of it as a strong smoke. Desi Merli Plain is much stronger but if you take it easy it should be a very pleasent smoke. Try mixing it with AW Honey if yo find it too strong. I would agree that eating on an empty stomach is a bad idea and when I smoke I usually have an apple at the same time.
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