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Default Re: Hey New Guy With a Question

My nour smokes like a champ, it aint too big, easy to transport, i can defend myself with it, its beautiful, and well, it wasnt expensive at all. I like it. I would recommend it.

I would also recommend the KM I have.

I would even recommend the 13" genie I got, for a cheap hookah, it smokes quite well.

Sure you can listen to everyone here who has tried a POS and a KM and based on that experience thinks that KMs are hands down the best hookahs ever, or you can find something that appeals to you. This website has endless threads on this topic, but what you really need to do is go to the review forum and check out the hookah reviews. Shop online from HP's trusted vendors, find the hookahs that you find aesthetically pleasing, and then compare them based on people's experiences. Ask around on the chat section if people have tried a hookah.

Brand names are not necesarrily better than generics. The best hookah i've ever smoked out of was a generic.

Lastyly, if you do settle with a KM, for they are still good hookahs, please don't be another cog in the KM hype machine.

So for things to look at:

Nour and Other Syrian Brass Hookahs (IMHO the best ones on the market)
KM (great egyptian hookahs)
MZ (really a great hookah)
Generic Egpytian, a lot are even better than KM (sorry KM fanboys).
Mya - Probably the best of the chinese brands, QT/Razo/Bambino are good ones
Sahara Smoke - surprisngly good hookahs for an american company.

and thats just a suggestion of several ones.

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