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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

Wow...The Mya haters came out :...I don't know why everybody hates on Mya so much...These mysterious problems that people "supposedly" go through, have never happened to me...I bought a 29 inch Mya after owning a 33 inch Egyptian, and I have no regrets. The Mya kicked my Egyptians ass 10 times over! Welds? LOL, what welds? There are none. Cheap glass? My mya's glass vase is thicker than my Egyptian, and it's a solid heavy piece. I think most people around here read from right to left, meaning that price is the deciding factor on hookahs.

IMO there is no Egyptian that can compare in quality, performance, and the air tight seal of a Mya. And if there is one, well I haven't come across it yet. I think it's strange how I've noticed that anything that is expensive (hookah related), causes a lot of people around here to hate on it. Just like the Starbuzz haters. And then you get people trying to advise you to get a cheap hand made $60 hookah instead of a high quality expensive piece like a Mya. Who cares if it isn't hand made. Mya's have a perfect air tight seal, and that's all you need to have a perfect smoke right? Aside from the fact that I own a tall Egyptian, I've also smoked from several different types of Egyptian hookahs, including Syrians. And NONE of them even come close to the perfromance of my Mya. (not trying to be cocky, I'm just being honest)

But oh well, to each his own I guess. Some people choose a hookah with price as the deciding factor and others (me) choose a hookah with quality and performance as the deciding factor. Fashow69, buy w/e you want or like. But just remeber not to purchase a hookah based on pricing. Choose a hookah you like based upon everything else (ie. flavor, performance, looks, etc.). Coming from someone who has and still owns a 33 inch Egytpian, I can honestly advise you to get a Mya. Trust me you won't regret it. I upgraded and never looked back. My Egyptian is no longer used, it's been retired for a while now.
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