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Default Re: Flat Rate Shipping?

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
I usually will not use a vendor with flat rate shipping. My orders are usually under $40 and flat rate shipping is rape when you buy so little. I know the argument about "well if you bought a hookah I'd lose money shipping it" that's fine but I'm not buying a hookah. I wait to buy stuff until a vendor has free shipping or damn near free shipping. If I'm buying $40 worth of stuff there is no way it will cost near 10 bucks or 25% of the order total to ship it.
that makes sense for the consumer.
If I may put it in perspective from a vendor. you can't ship a pound of anything using fedex or ups for under $6, so let's say you order 3 boxes of whatever you smoke, since i quoted dunk i'll use nakhla, about $7, that's about $2 x 3 profit (never mind packaging products, credit card fees and the the time it takes to process and package) If I was to ship that and cover shipping I would be negative. I love you guys and all but I can't do that.
I know you brought up flat rate shipping being good if you order a hookah, in that case my costs is about $20 so I eat $9. If you get a $100 hookah the profit is $40 minus $9 for shipping loses, $3 packaging, you get the point.
I'm not complaining and the consumer usually doesn't care about anything but the bottom line. Us hookah vendors aren't huge like or other who offer free shipping on everything. But I thought I would contribute, especially since there are those of you who have been asking about advice on opening an online retail store or hookah lounge. We have seen vendors come an go that offer super cheap prices on everything when they first introduce themselves but some of the more established companies stick to their guns on prices and that's how they survive.
Shipping is definitely a challenge, and if you think you're going to go to the post office everyday to ship out 20 orders good luck. I go to the post office for international orders only and every time I am waiting in line I say I will never do it again. That's the vendors POV, but for those of you consumers that don't care I understand I am a consumer of many products as well.
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