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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

I don't like Starbuzz because of what I view as fake flavours not because of it's high cost. Fumari and Romman are more expensive then SB but far better in my opinion. Basically I don't think that anyone is ruling out expensive products simply on the basis of cost alone.

As to Mya I've owned 6 of them in my life and while 2 of them were O.K. none were great and the other four were terrible. I've know at least 7 people personally know that have bought Mya products in the last two years that have regretted doing so and i've read/heard dozens of comments from equally unhappy people within the past six months or so. What is more significant is that I have yet to meet anyone that has owned a well built Egyptian or Syrian rig that thinks that Mya products are better in terms of performance while knowing plenty that have the opposite opinion.

Naturally I know that poor quality Egyptian stuff is around but with KMs so common and cheap I simply don't see any reason to assume that Egytian stuff is of poor quality and plenty of reasons to think other wise because the better brands from Egypt are typically fantastic.

Still, I must admit that even if Mya made stuff of unmatched quality I wouldn't buy from them at this point simply because I don't believe in supporting communism and slavery with my hard earned money. If you choose to support such things (and you do every time you buy a product from the PRC) that is your own choice but one I can't go along with.

Luckily, the truth is that the American market is awash with Egyptian and Syrian products that have perfect or near perfect build quality at very reasonable prices that are often cheaper then what Myas sell for. The Syrian I posted a review of is a near a perfect narghile as anyone can hope to own and while it was not cheap it is a far better bargain then anything else i've heard about or seen for sale in some time.
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