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Default Re: My new hookah Headwear!

I've been looking for a good FEZ for awhile, but most sites say "one size fits all" and I know thats a D***ned lie! I have a very large head, I know it, I don't try to deny it.

Anyway I was just messing around when I came across

They have Fez's in not only all sorts of color combos, but also
They carry SIZES. There probably not the most in-expensive, but
when I saw they carried XL I was Sold.

I chose the Black on black because black goes with anything really,
so i can pull it off with what ever I'm wearing.

I love it, it's comfortable, and its a FEZ. I seriously cannot hear the
rest of the world over the awesomeness this headgear emits.

( PS I'm scorning because I took 8 pics before this one and none were coming out right.)

** EDIT ** BE WARNED they also sell WHOLESALE packs of FEZ's. Don't almost accidentally order 24 of them Like I almost did!
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