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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
As to Mya I've owned 6 of them in my life and while 2 of them were O.K. none were great and the other four were terrible. I've know at least 7 people personally know that have bought Mya products in the last two years that have regretted doing so and i've read/heard dozens of comments from equally unhappy people within the past six months or so.
I find this EXTREMELY odd...The local hookah lounge by my house, has been in business for several years, and they are constantly packed on the weekends with people renting hookahs. They've ALWAYS rented Mya's. Everytime I go there there's another group of people smoking out of a Mya, while their other Syrians and Egyptians are collecting dust in the back... So what does that tell you? I think for a succesfull hookah lounge to make the choice of serving Mya's to customers for the best experience, obviuosly indicates that in some way Mya hookahs are better than the other options. I'm good friends with the owner, and when I was in the market to purchase an upgrade from my 33 inch Egyptian, I asked him for advice.

I asked him what hookah (from his experience in the hookah business) offered the best performance and quality no matter what the cost...And he simply said, Mya. This was one of the most important deciding factors when I was interested in purchasing another hookah. Basically the way I see it, if this guy has been running a sucessful hookah business for so many years, and he told me that the best hookah I can buy is a Mya, then I guess there must be some truth to this. He obviously has A LOT more experience in the trade than me and most of the people around here so I trust his word more than anybody else's... And I'm being honest when I say that he was 100% right. Ever since I upgraded to a Mya I don't see myself ever considering on buying an Egyptian ever again.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
What is more significant is that I have yet to meet anyone that has owned a well built Egyptian or Syrian rig that thinks that Mya products are better in terms of performance while knowing plenty that have the opposite opinion.
You have now... Me

Oh and did I mention that my friend owns a 30 inch Syrian? Well yeah, I've smoked out of his Syrian many times before, and while it is a beautiful piece that smokes good, it still doesn't match up to my Mya. My Mya isn't leaps and bounds better than his Syrian, but there is a little difference in overall performance.
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