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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

I used to own a shisha lounge that made a decent a money of money for a while before I sold it (the buyers have since ran it into the ground) and the truth is that a lot of excellent options exist for out fitting a lounge with narghiles and in the end what kind of narghile you choose has far less to do with the success of the business then how well run the establishment is and it's location. I could also point out that literally thousands of lounges exist in Turkey and the Arabic world that are highly successful (some for a few hundred years) and never even seen a mya let a lone use them so I don't think what a lounge owner says matters much in terms of how good a given narghile is.

What I do have to go on is the very large base of experience I have from owning a lounge, being active in a very large narghile club and spending a lot of time visiting narghile smokers and businesses while overseas.

Obviously a lot of people love Mya stuff and certainly given the vast amount of stuff they make it stands to reason that a great many people will like it. Yet after attending a pretty big shisha festival earlier this fall that had something like 300 smokers at it (as well as few from the forum) I noticed that very few people had a stated preference for Mya over a well made Egyptian rig.

Again, bad Egyptian rigs exist but a $50 KM will last longer and perform better then any Mya judging from what everyone I've ever spoken to one the subject has said.
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