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Default Re: yes im another newb but somewhat a serious question for yall

I personally know several people that have owned KMs for 7+ years that still perform flawlessly while I have yet to meet anyone with a Mya that has been usable for more then 5 years. As for he said she said we both go by that to some extent but I assume we both go largely by what we have personally heard and experienced being that I am a bit older then most here i've been able to get a bit points of reference but certainly that does not invalidate anything you have said and I hope to not give that impression.

Obviously you are right that you can't compare stuff of different height and i'll be the first to agree that short rigs are never as good as a full sized one of any description. I used to own Mya Gyro that I bought because of the rave reviews (and because I got it for about 30% less then it normally goes for) and while it looked nice and and had decent performance it still didn't perform as well as most of the stuff in my collection so I gave it away about a month ago when the glass developed stress fractures and the stem developed some problems as well.

Still, if you do well with Myas and don't have a problem with buying stuff from the PRC then by all means stick with them. We all have different tastes and I did used to to know a guy that loved this little Futuba (sp?) rig more then anything in the world so far be it from me or anyone else to say he was wrong for being that way.

Anyway, it's always good to hear another perspective so I am thankful for your input.

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