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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Find me a Nakhla or Hookah Hookah appreciation thread that says anything like this in it...

"Don't bash a product for needing a process to be enjoyed, or because you can't handle smoking it. Tangiers tobacco should get the respect it deserves, and smoking it is all based on the process! if you don't want to go through that process, don't, but keep your hateful remarks to yourself por favor."

You can look but you won't find one. Never once has anyone ever said "Don't bash Nakhla or Hookah Hookah because you can't handle smoking it." No one has said "Keep your hateful remarks about Hookah Hookah or Nakhla to yourself".

I always see certain tactics being used. You act like we censor people.

"i dont go into every hookah-hookah/nakhla thread and pick fights with the people who post in it.

if i did, you would ban me."

Not true. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion as long as it's done in a respectful manner. No one has ever been banned here for something that petty. Tell the truth man.

If you can say that Tangiers is the greatest, bestest amazingest zomgodest tobacco ever, then we can say we don't agree. To ask us to keep our comments to ourselves is also a form of censorship.

Edit: Looks like Sambooka and Husky were posting the same time I was. LOL
Dunk, I said not to bash it for needing a process or because you can't handle it, and that's literally what I meant. I think you are misinterpreting it a bit.

Sambooka has said himself he just doesn't like it, he has tried and tried and it just doesn't work out well in the end. He doesn't like the tobacco because it never acclimates for him. He doesn't go around bashing the product saying it's too much work or "the clouds are good but it always tingles my throat!". He says he doesn't like it because after a ton of batches, he has never, once, recieved a smokeable batch.

His reason for disliking tangiers is a legitimate one, and he's not saying he hates it based on the fact that it takes too long or it's tingly.

That's what i meant by the quoted post.

It's like the reason everyone hates Epic: because it truly sucks. That's how Sambooka feels towards Tangiers and he has all the reason to.

And just to everyone: Everybody is a Fanboy of something.
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