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Default Re: Syrian or Lebanesse?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
This post is stupid, the only reason Lebanon exists is because of Sykes-Picot, the cultures and dialect and food are basically the exact same.

What I'm saying is, if its Lebanese, its Syrian, if its Syrian, its Lebanese.

You can make it easy on yourself, give up and trying to find which side of the mountains it came from and just call it a Levantine Hookah.
And Texas was in Mexico .... so Texan food should be called Mexican food ..... and anything made in New York should be called Dutch (see info on New Amsterdam anywhere), and ..... hey ...... The US itself was a british colony and Americans were british subjects, so American products should be called British !!!

Enough of this Syrian propaganda (Lebanon is Eastern Syria) bull ..... The guy asked whether this is Syrian or Lebanese, so we should give him an answer, not a lecture on political sciences claiming without proof that Lebanon is part of Syria ....

P.S: Few months ago Syria acknowledged Lebanese autonomy and opened the first Syrian embassy in Beirut. Some people really like being more royal than the king.
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