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Default New way to fix holes in hoses.

I have found something amazing people, I have no idea if other people have used this method for fixing cosmetic and Holes in their hoses.

So There I was sitting in my dorm inspecting the 3 dollar cobra hoses I had bought, and found several surface booboo's and leaks.

Since I didn't have a hot glue gun or super glue, I wondered what could I use to Seal a hole AND make something pretty.

Fingernail polish people, fingernail polish.

First I used the polish just as a cosmetic consealer, happening to have the perfect shades of black and blue in my drawer!

Then when I was looking for superglue I remembered. What does my dad use to fix a hole on his waders in a pinch? Clear fingernail polish, what does my mom use to seal back a crack in wood, clear fingernail polish.

So I figured hey It might work the same.
And it work amazing people, Amazing, not only does it look better than have hot glue on your hose, but it sinks right into the seams and fills the hole! and it dries fast!

You can even use it to repair holes that are right on the hose itself, you know were the metal is showing and there is air leaking out, yup fingernail polish fixed it right up.

Hope it works as well for you guys as it did me!
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