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Default Re: HOBOHOOKAH vs. the WITCH

I don't think that you can really compare the Hobo to a regular hookah. I have a Mya and an Egyptian that I still use sometimes, especially at home, but for parties and bringing it to bars/or abroad the Hobo is really the only way to go.

The Hobo was made from the belief the hookah is first and foremost a social experience. It brings people together. We use to always bring people back to our apartment, smoke hookah, chat and down few beers to end a long night. But we didn't want to be restricted as to where you could bring a hookah. Mike and I (the guys behind Hobocans) are big travelers and partiers, and we developed the HoboHookah with that kind of lifestyle in mind. Traditional Hookahs look cool, and make a very personal statement, which is really cool. But the Hobo is just about enjoying the tobacco with friends, anywhere, without worrying if the hookah is going to break in transit or at the party, which has happened to us a few times. That always ruins the night

Overall, the Hobo doesn't have to be your only hookah. Its just a really great hookah for parties and traveling, that also smokes great and cleans up nice.

You guys should check the Vendor Deals section of the Hookah Pro forum, we have a couple deals right now to give you guys a break. We'll also be coming out with a few other models in the spring, which will compete more directly with the low priced Witch. The new models wont be as nice as the current one, but still pretty darn good. The current Hobo is really our full vision: Durable, easy to clean, great smoking transportable hookah. Thats what it is.

As for pics, I dont have a pic of the witch in use (only fired mine up a couple times, due to the same experience that Hajo had). Here is a pic with a few Hobos in it. The tall one is a 5L Van Gogn display bottle with a tray we added (it was from our Egyo hookah) and the large Tangiers bowl. The other bottles are 1.75Ls.
[img width=450 height=601][/img]
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