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Default As promised, pictures of my dad's hookah.

My dad's had this hookah for around 4 years now, it was a gift from my uncle after coming back from Egypt. It has just sat on top of our tv collecting dust. Until recently, I've never really looked at it, until tonight. I pulled it down, filled her with some cold water, packed the bowl with some mocha shisha. Now, I know that old shisha tends to be dry and taste like crap and this was no exception. Not to mention the lack of quality of this hookah, there were like three air leaks which I had to seek out by blowing into the hose.

Three of the six flavors of Shisha
[img width=450 height=601][/img]


[img width=450 height=601][/img]


[img width=450 height=601][/img]
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