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Default Re: As promised, pictures of my dad's hookah.

Unfortunately I am not to up on the sociological side of narghile use and basically ignorant of the ritualistic aspect of it. When I go to Arabic countries on business I spend as much time as possible in narghile lounges and markets but not having any ablity for language I miss most of what is happening. I have managed to try a lot of wonderful, traditional Tobamels, mu'essels, tumbāks and jurāks and have developed a taste for something other then then the candy and fruit flavours so popular here. I also have had a lot of great evenings leaning about how Arabs (and various religious/ethnic minorities in Arab countries) view things which has been good but that is about all.

Still, to me the joy is mostly about the sensations of the smoke itself and enjoying the beauty and craftsmanship that produce both the mu'essel and the narghile itself. In other words traditional narghiles delight my senses and make life better. If it's possible to get a deeper awareness of the whole thing I would certainly love to do so.
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