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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Sambooka has said himself he just doesn't like it, he has tried and tried and it just doesn't work out well in the end. He doesn't like the tobacco because it never acclimates for him. He doesn't go around bashing the product saying it's too much work or "the clouds are good but it always tingles my throat!". He says he doesn't like it because after a ton of batches, he has never, once, recieved a smokeable batch.

His reason for disliking tangiers is a legitimate one, and he's not saying he hates it based on the fact that it takes too long or it's tingly.
I guess no one remembers my posts about disliking Tangiers for the same reason Sambooka listed. I dislike Tangiers becase 3 of the 5 flavors I tried smelled like Bar b que and no matter how much acclimation was given nothing changed. The other 2 didn't stink of Bar b que but they smelled off. When they were acclimated they smelled like the flavors were supposed to I guess. I packed and foiled them in a funnel bowl per instructional tutorials and the flavors were lacking. I don't like it because if 5 different flavors weren't good. In fact they sucked.

It was mentioned that Tangiers doesn't advertise and is sold by word of mouth. I honestly believe that's true. Why else would there be so many cheerleaders?
Tangiers =
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