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Default Re: anyone else use hot water in the vase

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
You may want to realize that all of the visible component in smoke of any kind is water vapor. Also a good amount of the "air" you are currently breathing is made up of water vapor. Clouds? Water vapor. Mist and fog? Same thing. In haling water vapor is not deadly. Inhaling very warm water vapor while in a very cold place could put you at risk for pneumonia. But it is not a guarantee. that I agree with though you went about stating that in a baseless way.

That link is talking about inhaling water in large amounts and in a liquid form. The lowest amount they reference as being distinctly dangerous is the amount that will fit in a teacup. this has nothing to do with smoking hookah or inhaling water vapor.

I am really confused as to what you mean with "ir and liquids/solids do not go or belong in the same place." please explain further. The different phases of matter interact literally all the time.

To inhale steam the water would need to be beyond the boiling point. Anyone that is foolish enough to put boiling water in their base deserves the scalding damage their lungs are about to experience. Also to keep it at the level of boiling you would need to place your base on a heater of some kind... please refer to my statement regarding boiling water in the base for my opinion on this.
Thank you for this it should help the few people that really just aren't getting it

i guess i really should of made this more clear. i said it a few times as replies but i should of stated it from the beginning.
so sorry for the confusion.

DO NOT: put boiling water in the base, its probably going to crack since there not tempered glass. (ive never seen a tempered glass base)

USE: luke warm water, just turn the faucet on hot and that should be good enough. wont be boiling but just a good temp.

also even tho the base feels warm to the touch the smoke wont really be noticeably warm due to the smokes movement in the chamber where it expands and it going through the hose.

by all means do not try it if your afraid of breathing in steam, but when i put the hot water in my base it wasn't at the point steam(thats really hot water), also the base cools the water upon contact and cools quickly during you session.
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