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Default Re: smiley coal help

I havent used smileys coal but i believe they are similar to the ones i use. They are very difficult to brake as they are burnt pieces of hardwood. This type of coal is not processed in any other way and contains no chemicals at all. But because of that it can go out easily. They have to be completly lit when put on the bowl, or else they wont last long.
Having said all that, i still have to say that i've had the best sessions with that kind of coal. No odour, no taste, no smoke, no crackling up or spliting in two after some time. This is the kind of coal that they use at local lounges and this is the kind of coal everbody should use.

NOTE* You may find some pieces that are very difficult to light or will never light up at all. This is common for this kind of coal.

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