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Default Re: Used Hookah inspection!!

OK, I hate to burst both of your bubbles, but I can say what i want hear.

That hookah is extremely low quality, available from .

The hose ports are screw on, and they are as crappy as crappy gets. The Stem feels like it's gonna collapse in your hands. The pull is very, very restricted because the gauge is so small on the whole rig. And, last but not least, it is A COMMON CHAMBER EGYPTIAN HOOKAH. You can't clean out the inside of the Heart, so it is gonna smell like death in 2 months and will be un-usable.

I hate to break his sale, but those H-S rigs are complete crap. I'm being completely honest, as I own one.

Honestly, the best parts about H-S Hookahs were the bases, and now even those are crappy.

That 70 bucks, can go towards a TON of things much more useful. It is so completely and utterly bad quality that I threw mine into the trash, but later pulled it out and hoped to sell it.

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