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Default Difficult Heat Management

Ok so ive been killing myself trying different set-up methods and packing techniques but no matter what i do heat management is impossible. It gets way too harsh with 2 coals...and with 1 i get nothing, no smoke no flavor.


Hookah: I have a 40" exotica. Insured its air tight by placing my hand over stem/bowl. Now my "regular" set-up is what you would see anywhere else.
Vase: Leave the stem submerged about half an inch to one inch in cold water.

Tobacco : Al-Fakher Golden Grape

Bowl: Phunnel+mod. Pack it light and fluffy. (Tried with Reg. Egyptian; same results) 2 pieces of aluminum with 2 rings of holes. I use 2 QL 3King coals. (I tried using natural coals with same effect.)

Hose: Nammor + KM Hose. Tried both still no luck...

I have also tried 1 coal with a wind cover but didnt help much.

I always clean my hookah after every use.

The best results i have gotten so far, was by adding more water. I submerged the stem about 4 inches. But still not consistent enough.

So if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

-Thanks, Kman187
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