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Default Re: Well i was Banned

Nope..don't have to explain anything to you folks anymore on the old HF. You folks have your new home, why keep bringing up stuff that is happening in a place so many of you were unhappy with?

As for people getting upset. I doubt many will care, and those that do will get over it, like they did King Mo, Mathazar, and the rest.

BTW zero, I hardly actually know who you are, let alone care if you are friends with ETC. WE just weren't going to let you be his serrogate. He had his chance to play by the rules and he refused over and over. So now he has a happy home here..doing the same crap he did there...wonder how long it'll take you guys to nail him. I mean you've already erased one of his posts and moved another cause he wasn't following your rules and you've only been open 2 weeks. Give it time.