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Default Re: starbuzz=clouds??

~smacks self in head~ your right shishaholiC there was a leak at the bowl grommet, im using a mod bowl on my mya mini acrylic and the bowl would go all the way down to the tray but i thought it was sealing fine, figured out it was not fully sealed there so i put some tooth pick there for now to push the grommet up higher to seal better, i bent some aluminum wire that im going to use to make a more permanent fix just have to bend it to shape of the stem (i zig zagged it up and down a little so it gave the right height so it will work fine). ill try it later with starbuzz, probably in the next few days, pissed i didnt realize this before but o well, at least i am getting better smoke even from nakhla which i was getting a good smoke out of before, thanks for suggesting the obvious, i wouldnt have really looked there since i though it was all good

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