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They apricot tastes like Pine-sol, and the lemon is weak as hell. The Cinnamon is too creamy and fake, Romman is about 4000x better. Vanilla is good flavored, but the cut makes it crappy, and Layalina has a more realistic vanilla flavor, and it's cheaper in most cases. Double Apple is not as Good as Nakhla, Nakhla is 2-4 bucks cheaper. Af Apple is too fake of an apple and they mmix it with other flavors, theri Esk. Apple is OK but WAY too floral. Chocolate is ok, but Tangiers Cocoa is much better. White Grape's crappiness speaks for itself. Plum is just terrible. Mixed fruit is alright, Fahk. Fruits form nakhla is much better. Pipe is OK, but the cut makes it shitty.

The whole AF line is messed up now. The flavors are all off. I hear Soft Black is the only flavor worth buying.
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