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Default Re: Flat Rate Shipping?

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
boy do I hate FedEX.... lol its not like im having a online store lol but fedex always messes shit up when i order from distributors.... UPS FTW!!!
i have had issues with all of them. my friend got a $400 paintball marker lost that was used by one of the biggest pro teams in the world along with being a huge piece of local history in the sport with no compensation even though he had insurance on it with USPS. UPS has lost my package, said it was delivered and then it turned up the next day, and the fed ex drivers have had a bad time finding my apartment (given it is in a really weird location) but they would not leave the package at the mailboxes like is normal (it is past a key code/key fob required access in the apartment building so it is safe), and dhl was a joke before they went under. and USPS has put packages in the wrong package mailboxes here, put the key in another persons mail box and gave me a key to an empty box.

the thing i like about fed ex though is that the drivers will call you if they have issues delivering usually and recently a driver doubled back to get it to me.

for small items that fit in a mail box i am fine with USPS, and one of the places i have to order metal (precocious metals) for my classes uses priority and it gets here the next day with no issues. fed ex or UPS are fine for larger items but fed ex seems to be a little cheaper IIRC for ground.

all of them have issues, and the majority of the issues are on the destination end once it gets to drivers from what i have seen
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