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Default Re: How much better...

Just stick to the Mya and get a new bowl. You said that you thought that teh bowl was your issue. I have not had too much trouble with the mya bowl. Frankly sometimes a bowl just takes a little experimenting to get right. You are going to need to learn to use any bowl you get before you smoke it properly. Seems to me you might want to give that bowl some more time and learn to properly use the wind cover.

If you are insistant order a classic Egyptian bowl. They are cheap and they are great. They come in various sizes and perform very well. There is a reason they have been the most popular bowl style for many generations of shisha smoker.

Eventually it is worth picking up a funnel or a vortex. I don't really know how the vortex smokes. Never had one. My small funnel has always treated me pretty well but I use my small and large Egyptian more than anything.
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