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Default Re: Flat Rate Shipping?

Originally Posted by KarmaHookah View Post
I am not sure if I am going to carry the 50g boxes yet, no one really buts those online?
i know i buy them, no where near as much as others do but i do buy them, i pick up a few flavors i am unsure about or that i think i may like but dont want to have a 250 sitting around if its not a go to smoke

as to the shipping either do flat rate or go by weight (maybe with a break on it if the person is buying a lot). i dont really have an issue with paying variable shipping because i understand shipping can be retarded expensive but i dislike when i have to pay 30 bucks shipping on a 250-300 buck order (like when i bought my rig).

as a small business owner my self (note a very small, on the side and not very productive one but one none the same) i would personally eat a little cost of some one was buying a lot of stuff from me, not take all of it but probably take a little off the shipping especially if they are a consistent customer

with usps and all their flat rate box sizes you can get away with a good amount of "flat rate" prices you can get a whole lot in one of the large ones, given not much in the line of full hookahs but you could easily get 100-200 bucks worth of tobacco and coals in there easily.

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