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Default The perfect hose

Ok gang i was wondering what do you think the perfect hose would require. Im pissed off both of my razan hoses fell apart over the weekend and i cant wash my KM hoses. So since i own a mahine shop and weve been slow i was going to write some programs and kick out a few custom hoses Im proably going to mass produce these things and sell them to retail stores and actually have some type of warranties unlike most of the hoses with the help of you guys for the actuall construction of these and the labor of family friends and employees while slow im thinking i can mass produce these things very eaisly. So give me your input. ide like to know materials as long as there machinable for the mouth and tail end. hose diameter and general style and frills. For thoes interested there will be a opertunity to purchase these with discounts and so on appon complietion for HP members. Rember the more exotic the materials the more there going to cost. I have built my self a complete epoxie based carbon fiber ends for my personal hose and these would cost a small forturne for the public to purchase so items like this would be out of the question. 304 stainless would me heavy and expensive so i was thinking more along the line of acrylic or aluminum, since my mom and i both do hot glass torch work as a hobby i was thinking about making some limited eddition glass ended hoses also but would raise the price quite a bit. I was going to try to make somthing much like the leila in the past but the billet stock for me to make it was going to price out of the ball park so gave up on the idea. so i think the hose idea will work out great. Just give me your 2 cents.

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