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Default Re: anyone else use hot water in the vase

I am sorry that i made so many people so mad... I just think that doing this every time you smoke your hookah could in some way make a difference then just doing this every once in a while... I knew that ammonia wasn't the real way to spell it... I just honestly didn't feel like finding the spelling . . . . i thought this community was chill but I guess its fun to make fun of others. Everyone knew exactly what I was talking about , but some smart asses decided they needed to make fun of my spelling "mistake" (i only quotated that because I knew that it wasn't right, just didn't know how exactly to spell the health pneumonia or however it goes) Either way, what I said was something to take interest in, and I don't regret posting it. I'm done with this topic.. Sorry to anyone that I insulted, I just wanted to throw in an idea so that instead of every reply reading "omg man that was awesome", some actual substantial information would be found... but more than a sentence seems to be too much for some people.. so lets just laugh at spelling mistakes instead... that's easier than thinking.