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Default Re: The perfect hose

do you guys really think a clear hose would sell i just think they would be to flexiable and kink to easy. Ive moded a few wooden tiped hoses with food grade vinal tubing and you have to watch how you store them very carefully or they kink or crush where hung im not aginst it but the alternative that is clear besides food grade vinal is food grade silicone or tefflon starting about $20 a foot wholesale and that would make the hose over a 100 a pop for a completed hose. I would like to build the ultimate hose and have it still be under $35 a hose. belive it or not acrylic is not that cheep for good machinable stuff. about half the actual cost of a razan is in the 2 ends. i though about the clear handle idea it sounds awsome but it unsure of it. its not very traditional and dont know how well it would sell it would save me work but on the other hand the price would go up due to the cost of the acrylic needed for the handle. I guess i need a all over design ideas to get this started. I dont want a sales gimmick i wand a pratical very useable hose. large bore medium sized handle that wont fall apart and so on. i will incorporate what ever you guys think will sell the best. Rember there can be a diffrence between cool and pratical. Pratical and usiability is what im going for here.
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