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Default Re: The perfect hose

my thoughts on hose are this. The wider razan/namoor (I've owned both)type hose are fine for wetter,big smoke type moassels. But for dryer, more traditional moassels I preffer a tighter hose. I feel it give a more concentrated, full flavored smoke. I still use my namoor when I smoke Tangiers, but that's about it.
W/regards to materials, I've seen glass tipped hoses in the past.I beleive mr. B may have picked one up awhile back. Washable materials are great. But for hoses that are not washable, the way to clean them is to allow them to sit for afew days. This allows the resins to dry. Then beat the crap out of it. this obviously loosens said resins. And then blow them out w/a hose from an air compressor.(I know you have one in the shop)
I'de love to see what you come up w/lowtoy. Hopefully you'll do something interesting and unique.
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