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Looking at my Mya hoses it doesn't look like the ends screw off. I'd guess if I took the ends off that would be the end of the hose. Any suggestions?[/quote]

Well, the Mya hose I have is the Cloissone version (pictured here) ... it came with my Mya Column...It's the best looking hose Mya offers. On this one, both of the ends (port tip, and mouth tip) are able to unscrew where it connects to the actual hose. I just clean these two parts and not the actual inside of the flexible hose itself. I also have a Mini Mya Acrylic, and this one is one of Mya's cheapest hookahs (I got it for free since I purchased the Column). The hose that comes on the Mini Acrylic has wooden end tips (pictured here) . I just looked at the Mini's hose, and it doesn't unscrew. It's actually glued on, I can see the clear glue holding it together. Mya claims that even the cheaper wooden version hose is in fact a washable hose. But personally, I wouldn't risk it, unless you have money to buy an extra spare.

On my Cloissone hose, I just unscrew the end tips to clean them with warm water and a brush. And so far, there hasn't been any lingering smell, so it works for me...
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