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Default Re: anyone else use hot water in the vase

Originally Posted by Lu1gi View Post
I am sorry that i made so many people so mad... I just think that doing this every time you smoke your hookah could in some way make a difference then just doing this every once in a while... I knew that ammonia wasn't the real way to spell it... I just honestly didn't feel like finding the spelling . . . . i thought this community was chill but I guess its fun to make fun of others. Everyone knew exactly what I was talking about , but some smart asses decided they needed to make fun of my spelling "mistake" (i only quotated that because I knew that it wasn't right, just didn't know how exactly to spell the health pneumonia or however it goes) Either way, what I said was something to take interest in, and I don't regret posting it. I'm done with this topic.. Sorry to anyone that I insulted, I just wanted to throw in an idea so that instead of every reply reading "omg man that was awesome", some actual substantial information would be found... but more than a sentence seems to be too much for some people.. so lets just laugh at spelling mistakes instead... that's easier than thinking.
on behalf of what happened, since it was my post, i'm sorry. i guess we weren't expecting something so abstract with out prof to back up what you were saying. also what you said was a response to the extreme of what i originally said. i recommended to try hot or warm water in the base and maybe you misinterpreted that as boiling water. i understood that water vapors from boiling water, over time, would seriously effect a persons health. so when you said that i responded by saying and making sure people were not using boiling water. also i said boiling water probably would crack the base(another reason not to use it).

im sorry about what happened in this post and i hope this ends the conflict. i know you were just trying to contribute and things kinda got out of hand.
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