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Default Is our hobby going to vannish?

I was talking with an older club member today and he told me that he thinks the whole narghile culture that is popping up in the West is going to vanish. His thinking is that hassle of set and cleaning is something that will drive away many current smokers when the novelty has worn off. He also thinks that for most Americans the hectic lifestyle here makes it impossible for for anyone not in school or retired to be into the hobby without a conscious effort. He also thinks that lounges will vanish do to anti-smoking laws.

I'm not sure I agree although the basic notions he said seems plausible. Cigars were a big deal 12-15 years ago but since then the "hippness" of cigars have wained, prices are far less then what they should be given inflation, companies have vanished and the whole cigar scene is much smaller then it used to be. Of course cigars have been pushed as a very up market pass time which has the added benefit of no prep time or clean up which I think has contributed to the cigar biz toughing out the the end of the boom.

What do you guys think? Passing fad or here to stay at currently level of public interest?
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