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Default Re: The perfect hose

Making a tip that contours with the lips is right on track. Or even making two tips of tips, a wide tip and a narrow tip that fits the end of the hose. Now the hose, personally I'd like to see a smaller handle. I've always wanted a hose with a handle made out of the same material as a razan/nammor/grand mouthpiece. You could even carve out some average sized grips in the side like you see on some refreshment bottles. That would look very clean, and leave room for etching in logos like you're talking about. The actual hose shouldn't be have any velvet-ish material on it, because if you store it or it drags on a surface it will quickly tatter; and if you make it out of thicker velvet type material your production costs will be up. So I'd suggest any other washable material. Also, making the 2 ends screw off wouldn't just be more convenient to clean: it would give you the opportunity to sell replaceable hose pieces if that part is damaged another color or even leather is desired. The only issue with screw on is if you cheap out on manufacturing them they won't be so air-tight after a while.
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