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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

Originally Posted by hobohookah
It will never die, as long as tobacco remains legal. It may loose some steam, but I don't think its nearly peaked yet.

There are a couple innovation that have happened to make hookahs more convienent. One of which, a convienent tobacco package, hasn't been released yet, but a couple companies (including Hobocans) is looking into it. I think this, paired with improved, easier to use hookah pipes, will force hookah into a more mainstream culture.

One of the shops I talk to in NYC, has recently removed all of their other "tobacco" pipes for exclusively hookahs. This seems to be the trend, and I think it wil be for at least the next couple of years. Hookahs may then peak, but not before there is a substantial enthusiast culture established (much like cigars: the fad faded, but it is still a multi-billion dollar industry).
If narghile use is going to go into the mainstream it will have to drift away from college students and go upscale. I've seen the pre-packed disposable shisha products and perhaps something like that will make it more acceptable to people that don't want the fuss of set up and cleaning. Still, coals are a big hassle and I don't see the popularity of narghiles improving dramatically until coals go away as well. If the industry doesn't go beyond it's current base of support (but manages to build the core market up) for a few years before the next trend sets in it is possible that narghiles will be a sucessful niche product like cigars but on a smaller scale.
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