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Default Re: Flat Rate Shipping?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
honestly if a brand offers 50s and you carry the brand i would carry the 50s, maybe not all the same flavors but it pisses me off when a seller has 250s of a bunch of brands and only a few of 50-100 grams, and listen to you customers, ask them to give you feed back on what they want to see in what sizes, and if your going to be running a lounge and you have some stuff that isnt selling well (be it 50, 100, 250 or kilos), use it in the lounge side as a special or as a free session if its a regular or something.

you knock the price down a few bucks people will smoke any flavor and you still will make some money on it (and better than it sitting on a shelf)

Right on. I am going to carry 50g of AF and Layalina. Do you think I should offer AW or AA?
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