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Default Re: Is our hobby going to vannish?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk

I think what we know of as hookah will change gradually into something slightly or very much different. Take a look at the Meduse pipes for instance.
Hopefully devices intended for "something other then tobacco" like the product you mention will not become a major force in the narghile world. Some sort of change like getting rid of coals and the ritual of set up and cleaning should help with greater mainstream interest but as I see things the looks of a well made, elaborate, traditional narghile appeal to all sorts of people that don't share my outlook and interests. Aesthetics is not a problem although it will expand and change obviously although I really think those matters are far less problematic then many others like the labor intensive nature of the hobby.

Of course, ever increasing tax burden on tobacco combined with the inevitable public banishment of smoking is a hell of a burden that I doubt we will be able bear.
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